it is my turn
to swim, to run
travel tough times
and walk in water
millions not required
few coins we are after
to feed loved ones
growing daughters, young sons
and allowing some rest
when the day is done
20140417-074754 pm.jpg


Message on the wall

society faults severely
battle lines being drawn
poor’s dire, desperate living
dark nightmare with no dawn
yachts, condominiums, carriages
rich thriving, enjoying more
peasants, workers, destitute
thrown out of city doors
their voices drown in thunder
of sewage Niagara Falls
head down work in shame
infinitely oppressed raise the call
inflation equates subjugation
poverty chained castigation
eternally trapped inside ghettos
while affluent enjoying gelatos
inequality to end some day
natural continuum calling noon
daggers sharpened to extreme
killing commencing soon
ending human crime
revolution it will be called
opulence brought to justice
cleansing without consequence
no one spared no armistice

20140123-073939 am.jpg

Juicy and hot

red and green
shades never seen
or perhaps have been
how would I know
I am colour blind
unsound mind
front and behind
salads, fruits
nutrients loot
discussion mute
all same to me
blame on me
so lame of me
mind is hazy
soul so lazy
anything crazy
will do wonders
mental thunders
life with blunders
still I have my
fruit and veg high
what a way to die
in coffin I lie
cruel world good bye

20140124-024524 am.jpg

Giant’s shelf ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ho ha hum
Hear my drum
Dum dum dum
Chew some gum
Itchy feeling bum
Eating dim sum
Running tiresome
Sleep some some
Mood quarrelsome
Food wholesome
Feeling play-some
Ho ha hum
Where are my toys ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

20140124-051706 pm.jpg