Pilot and Pirate

A pilot and a pirate
In an emergency
Both are in the same boat 🙂

20140303-033911 pm.jpg


Neon lights
Dancing feet
Clouds at the floor
Thumping beat
Angels’ halo on
the milky waist
Minds struggle
Hearts waste

20131231-043413 pm.jpg


Born in the same house
Life couldn’t be different
Silver spoon fed, apple of all eyes
Second grade citizen, read fairies lies
Raised and born to be a king of the throne
Brought up to submission, a bait to be thrown
To bring more riches, more power for the king
Who is nothing but a arrogant, self serving sibling
Intelligence in abundance, nothing to do
Life is comfortable, anything but true
Shall I rebel, renege promises made
Claim my rights when false support fade
I bled and bled, he had huge grin
Murderer, most vile creation, my evil twin
20140226-040719 pm.jpg