Hey party boy, night with your trulls
You walk and you walk and you walk
Leering and chatting up girls
Then you talk and you talk and you talk
Running your table, groupies abound
And you drink and you drink and you drink
Human stable, security around
And you sink, and you sink and you sink
Further with every kiss and every tongue
Do you ever, ever, ever, ever, think
Till another night…

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Never fly solo

He cried and cried
With no avail
Pushing and pumping
her heart which failed
Unlit eyes telling what he will miss
Her passionate kisses and
how she will insist
Keeping life afloat
when he was not sure
Searing heartache commenced
he couldn’t bear more
Solitary colourless life
it could not endure
Both died in the cancer ward that night

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Fear and loathing

Gorillas, sharks,
future bleak, stark
tigers, lions,
hit below lines,
crocodiles, alligators
extinct where it matters
who should fear who
whatever you do
Sapiens, don’t come near
we are dead scared
of you!


If ever

Drums beating
Swords sweating
Emperors screaming
Their might
When I write
Wars abound,
in the skies
Hurricane seas,
bruising and high
Destroying all,
but my sight
When I write
Fires cursing
million years
Humanity in
crocodile tears
I may wrong
Or be right
When I write
Moonlight darkens
every hour
Sun is ready
to devour
Divinity protects
in halo bright
When I write
Mind and heart
Love and lust
Faith and trust
Wind and gust
In constant fight
When I write
I broke my pen
light years away
I ran, I ran
from thoughts insane
baring soul, from inside
When I write
If ever!

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Words are manifestations, little actions
Twinkles on the heart, mere reflections,
Deep within is silence
Complete absence,
Soul silenced in language unknown
Only love is shown
in a solitary whisper
Which grows
into an almighty scream
All is not what it seems
Such are mysteries
of deep within
bonded in sin,
me and I

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She was everything
The most beautiful creation
nature bestowed to earth
deeply madly in love
Alas, my destiny would not have it
I was, I am, cursed by birth

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