Every moment life changes
Observe, reflect and react
don’t worry much about rumours
be very ready to act on a fact
Have courage to go against the tide
Peers not to admire, elders will chide
have fortitude to stay the course
Loneliness not deter nor does force
Pioneers pains are many never few
May the force be always with you!
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Good morning

Cloudy cold misty day
Won’t take my breath away
Still I am fine, morning is mine
Aiming to put worries aside
Gaming to get some time by the side
To walk my walk, and talk my talk
Plays are far, I am not the star
No audience to please
Just take in, release
bit fresh and clear, morning air
To watch people go by,
some beautiful faces, spaces
Some cute dogs, logs
This what I call a divine call
A lazy, hazy, morning stroll

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Let’s talk in verse

Mon ami and I
God knows why
Said to each other
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Tales we tell
Fables we say
Of tomorrow
Or yesterday
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

back stabbing
Gossip we spill
Arm twisting,
blood draining
Morning drill
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Talk with grocer
Whisper to barber
Morning newsagent
A whistle to a dame
And a call
to a secret agent
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Lovers tryst
Kisses and much
Asking for forgiveness
Quarrels and such
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

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Mr Fall

Little green leaf:
Which way to fall
Trees are tall
I may get hurt
Or tear my shirt
Help me get down
Going to town

Little green leaf
Out of your mind
Are you blind
Tree will be mad
Immensely sad
If you leave like that
Don’t be so bad

Little green leaf:
What have I done
Not going to run
Just errand away
Won’t forget my way

Little green leaf
Then wait for Mr Fall
You will naturally fall
Tree be asleep
Time will stall

The leaf waited
for Fall dear fellow
Changed its colour
Red and yellow
Left the tree
Felt so free
Hit the ground
Flew to the bend
This is how
The story ends :-)

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Vanity song

how much you
wish to hold me
scold me
for being me

life isn’t fair
I’ve got the flair
blame on destiny
luck, coincidence, fate
or anything you hate

how much you
wish, truly wish
to hold me
scold me
for being me

I am not vain
or insane
basking in glory
ever and ever again
repeating my story

how much
tell me how much
you wish to hold me
push me down
scold me
for being gorgeous
fabulous me

I am dancing to
world melodies
laughing on my own
romancing with
billionaire tragedies

tell me how
muchness much
you really wish
I didn’t exist
wish to hold me
and then ruthlessly
scold me, for being
only, better lonely
wryly smiling,



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