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True love, more than once
More than one at once
How true it has to be
for you two and me
are there degrees of fact
how much lies we could mix
and still keep true love intact
can we pretend no lust
is involved, and love has evolved
and two partners can trust
perhaps you are thinking too much
we are two, and always pensive
of course it is a bit much
for your tiny little brain
don’t worry, we will only
destroy you, take all you have
make you lonely
and then leave, our true love

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Come on! :-)

Two dudes and a car
one drove it in a lorry
Other didn’t take it far
both were expert drivers
Oh lord! my lucky star,
save us from virtuosos
two dudes and their car

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Head in the water

Hiding from what is known,
eyes closed to apparent, shown,
Intelligence on a loan,
no changes to routine,
will end up penniless and alone

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Quark chase

demons on my tail
my rescue set to fail
Ignoring their wrath
deep in the space
I followed your path
just to see you again smiling

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Wait for rations
all hours in a day
Someone somewhere
wastes away
double standards
are here to stay
rich have millions
and games to play
poor do rise
have your say
your say matters
in rags and tatters
we won’t let you live
until you give
up in the smoke
wealth croaks
humanity triumphs
vanity limps
end hegemony
burn fake money
food you produce
all yours to eat
Rations for rich
who don’t know
how to cook
let alone sow
that is only just
rise we must

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Day and night

Hours, minutes, seconds last
Sometimes slow, sometimes fast
Happiness evaporates in moments
Sorrow, sadness, longing lasts

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Colour blind

Staring in the clear blue skies
Seeing black and grey
Don’t run away
Stay, colours will be back soon
By noon, along with a kiss

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