Humanity – third free book on iTunes

The current civilisation of Human species has come a long way in the last five thousand years. The technology is mesmerising, architecture astounding and knowledge is touching nebulae and far flung galaxies. Our values however are perhaps not showing same level of progress. There is continuous war and hunger. Inequality is increasing every moment, pursuit of wealth has made most of us blind from the misery of our brethren living just few moments away from us. Environment is a concern for the tree hugging minority only. Destruction of forests, extinctions of wildlife species and increasing temperatures globally is a commonality not even worthy of daily news anymore. This age of individuality and trying to live life through social media has made our planet more ignorant, less tolerant and a troll infested realm. I hope, wish and pray that some of these terrible trends will reverse in the not so distant future and humanity snaps out of this current craze of abominable behaviour. This short book of poems and images try to highlight my humble observations in an abstract setting.

I will try to spread this message of compassion and equality until the time is upon me. Here is the latest instalment in the form of a book at IBOOks store (free), please click the link below:



Colour in the fabric of the Universe:  my second book

This book is dedicated to the most beautiful creation of nature, God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha or whatever you believe in. Women, girls, ladies, fairer sex, the better halves, beauties, fairies! you are the colour in the fabric of this universe and only lonely solely in-charge of sanity that prevails.

I am a humble photographer, part time poet of no known variety and full time admirer of life around me. The beauty I see in our species and in the nature, I hope we can preserve it for generations to come and all feel part of a global village and remove our egos and unimportant quarrels and start coexisting in this world peacefully and promote love not hate, spread happiness and contentment not greed and materialism. I will try to spread this message of compassion and equality until the time is upon me.

Please spread the word and in the meantime enjoy these most humble creations of my lens and pen. The link below will take you iBooks store for this free book.


AB, London

February 2017

My first experiment in publication…please take a look at ‘Zero to Infinity’ a short book with ten poems at iBooks store…since love, devotion and thoughts are priceless, this book is free. I have created it over one of the weekends so apologies in advance for any typos and navigation issues that you may experience. If you like it then please spread the word. Depending on its popularity or otherwise I may decide to do a full scale 30/40 poems one soon. Link below, you will require a apple iPad. Apologies to others. I have a 20mb large PDF available and more than happy to email you, if you are terribly interested in my humble work.


20140328-032030 am.jpg

38 thoughts on “Wizardry”

  1. I would love to read this AB. I downloaded it, but unfortunately my tablet is a Samsung Galaxy and I was unable to access it. Too bad for me. I’m sure it’s beautiful.


    1. Stacy many thanks for your unconditional support, it is just a short and simple book with ten poem, I have sent you a PDF copy as well in your email just in case 🙂


      1. Oh AB, you are too kind. Thank you soooo much. I will read it with intensity and interpret it with passion. Really, thank you, my friend.


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