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Low tide

Water disappeared
in distance
acting strange
boat was sad
So much for love
Some stories
never change

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Vanity song

how much you
wish to hold me
scold me
for being me

life isn’t fair
I’ve got the flair
blame on destiny
luck, coincidence, fate
or anything you hate

how much you
wish, truly wish
to hold me
scold me
for being me

I am not vain
or insane
basking in glory
ever and ever again
repeating my story

how much
tell me how much
you wish to hold me
push me down
scold me
for being gorgeous
fabulous me

I am dancing to
world melodies
laughing on my own
romancing with
billionaire tragedies

tell me how
muchness much
you really wish
I didn’t exist
wish to hold me
and then ruthlessly
scold me, for being
only, better lonely
wryly smiling,

City of the golden goose

She lays her eggs
entrapment legs
golden web is set

shiny presents
wine and pheasants
riches, destiny met

it is not mentioned
foul ill intentioned
your soul being let

to mosquitos, spiders
capitalists riders
with stings properly whet

devour they shall
digest they will
skins, bones being ret

years will pass
centuries surpass
freedom you’ll never get


Flicker of hope in a maddening crowd

Standing aside
gold, sapphires, rubies
from all the glitter
colours unending tides
entire spectrum

jugglers, jokers, jesters
finest spectacles
coins, kingdom, castles
wealth tentacles

longing, for us
losing, myself
choosing, you

And why?
you innocently ask
with unreserved smile
in your angel mask

because my dearest
nothing else
makes the
heartbeat IMG_2377.JPG

Scent lasting centuries

love transcends words
let you fly together
beyond body, soul
eyes glare, heart’s flare

just sweet smell
of a deep red rose
subtlety of pink leaves
air weaves, dancing to the hymn

of affection, soul satisfaction
death captures so soon,
before noon of love,
story does not end

after billion bends
universe turns
mind wakes up again,
consciousness regain

feeling what was
left behind, other half
of soul, now mind has one goal
salvation is in embrace

And then you see her
long white robe with grace
her hair hold a deep red rose
from a long gone era

of centuries past, of memories lost
given by a destitute
which constituted
best gift forever

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Cosmic colours

Rose petals blush
daffodils bloom
lilies loom
kissing, caressing
those fingers
affection lingers
for eons in surreal
beautiful moments
women are goddesses
shapeshifting odysseys
universe will be empty
humanity nonexistence
futile all resistance
when she smiles
closes her eyes
moves her hair
shows her flair
just bow and kiss
those lips from heaven

Rekindling of hope

The moment of hope
freedom, joy
is nearly upon us,
Thus, leave mundane

arcane, absolutely useless
fruitless, rootless chores,
adore, beauty, charm,
smiling, warm

welcoming faces
traces of good tidings
hidden in wooden horses
riding on pure luck

fate will go,
bit by bit, easy on you
just show destiny the courage
and stay the course

move with gusto, force,
bring back enthusiasm of
past gone era,
one you have lost in improbable

chase of glory and greed
go back to that time
when world was all green
bright and preened

from all the doom and gloom
create a plan, build a barn
loom cotton yarn, anything
which allows removal of doubt

create once again
that belief in self,
not clout of some, who declare,
write in flares, warnings abound

Don’t go around testing heights,
that can be reached,
their grip breached
giving them fright,

that their Reign,
gold adorned lanes
have no attraction,
lost its traction
to brave ones,

the hour, mighty moment is upon us
rise we shall, wise will mull
for centuries to come, of today
with their all encompassing

hindsight lens
to what does not make sense
and still marvel at our victorious
at some time laborious march,

to liberation, salvation,
end of tyranny,
Raise your voices to
Long last mutiny!

with few flickering lights,
a desire to fight,
to get back our rights
our freedom, our sight
and our hope