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On a dark blue day

on a dark blue day,
water under the bridge,
flows in reverse,
revenge was the verse,
the whole universe,
came to kill,
blood to spill
the lone messenger,
one passenger,
of a ship
destined to go


Sharp minds
Need uncertainties
Puzzles to solve
Crisis to deal

Return to the duty
Routine is known
How does that life
Make you feel!

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Travel is hard
Road uneven
your carriage
is old, rusty
Road is dusty
You carry on
A thought carries you
Impending embrace
ferries you
Waiting at the end
a loved one
Makes the journey
smooth sailing
Ignoring ailing
creaking ship
toils will be
soon forgotten
Get to the shore!
Rekindle amour!

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Kith and kin

One day we all
Into the bright lights
of heavens and earth
Till such time
I am indebted
to your company
and advice
To live, love
And enjoy
this beautiful
stream of joy
It is suffice

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