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Stop watch

I miss my time with you
rest is of no consequence
life’s sequence
is an imaginary line
where everything is fine
With you
And all doom and dust
without you
Looking back
how true
were those moments
when silence’s presence
heard clearly, loudly
heart beating madly
time stopped gladly
at that precise moment
when eyes met
muted smiles turned into
mischievous ones
lips slightly opened
inviting, letting each other glimpse
how passion drips, tastes
And …..we had a million years long kiss
I admit, I miss
that and you
and everything
we been through
If you do decide
another chance
another ride
to journey of infinite time
I will beg Divine
to stop
the unstoppable again
And will wait till eternity
for that moment to begin againIMG_0210.JPG

Never stop dreaming

immersed in the beauty

upon, down, around, on

and I feel the pulse

life is kicking, passion screaming

and this pauper commence dreaming

of a time when pure pleasure

takes over and lust pressures

blue eyed gold strands moon visage

losing reality to a beautiful mirage

Lament of incomprehensibles

Odd, strange,
alien, deranged
rude, irrational
qualities, quantity
Being of equanimity
what happened to you
unintended hurt
dry grass dirt
life’s consequences
hate and its sequences
never stop,
perceptions change
pennies exchange
with pounds
screams replace
muted sounds
and end of a
short conversation
brief interaction,
strange abrupt end,
tears can’t be send
or manners can’t be lend
hibernate for another day
in the hope of
few seconds of happiness
tomorrow is spring
fresh dew will bring
misery’s conclusion
life’s inclusion
in ordinary existence



When it comes to me
Colours never touch
shadows never lurch
Near my existence,
does happiness think
she is too good to be near
dear to I,
Black and white lie,
is life, time, emotions,
and I tell them on their faces
colour traces, all that is untrue 

Procurement of pleasure with heartless’ treasure

wealth uncountable
desires still a few
everyday minions find
flowers glowing new
buying most beautiful
perfected, coloured, cream
tulips most admired
in colours never seen
lilies, chrysanthemums
daffodils and roses
smell loses interest for
rich choosy noses
adorned grand houses
no one calls homes
sea of servants, maids,
butlers cemetery domes
wasted immense beauty,
deflowered, lost virginity
everyone holy in town
mosque, church, trinity
colossus egos soothed in
claimed fake divinity
heartless beyond belief
exploitation with impunity

Endless possibilities

we will live and leave
something in the air,
perhaps our flair,
to live life beyond
what is conspired
against us,
thus, no despair,
just hope,
and a beautiful,
destination rope,
awaits to take us
to heaven and beyond
hop a ride
with you on my side
all is possible

Existence of existence

existence of doubt
reality of a moment
Did it exist?
Was it lived?
Was there laugh
a cry, a smile
time stayed awhile
I sensed it
Tensed it
Future, present,
immediate past
didn’t last
In that instance
did any one else
realise, materialise
their dreams
it seems, it passed
so fast, in a moment
no more, no less
I confess, nothing is left
except that image
resting, testing
my memory,
of that point
in history
and its importance
insignificance to us
to this universeIMG_2290.JPG

Let’s talk in verse

Mon ami and I
God knows why
Said to each other
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Tales we tell
Fables we say
Of tomorrow
Or yesterday
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

back stabbing
Gossip we spill
Arm twisting,
blood draining
Morning drill
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Talk with grocer
Whisper to barber
Morning newsagent
A whistle to a dame
And a call
to a secret agent
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

Lovers tryst
Kisses and much
Asking for forgiveness
Quarrels and such
Let’s not rehearse
Let’s talk in verse

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