What is love
Passion cove
What is hate
Emotions sate
What is fate
Destiny date
What is life
Flux and strife
What is affection
Resigned attention
What is desire
Something I admire
What is lust
Kissing must
What is strength
Patience at length
What is weak
A quick squeak
Friends, foes?
High and lows
What is work
Sitting dork
Or, Perhaps,
What is love
Burning stove
What is hate
Snakes crate
What is fate
God’s bait
What is life
Dissatisfaction rife
What is death
Poison dripped
Sword in sheath

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Two passages
Decadence laden, greed boils
Excessive wealth, polished tiles
adorned faces, fancy smiles,
Destitution, broken street
Torn clothes, bodies weak
Poor masses, fate bleak
Inequality, I berate you
Inhumanity, I hate you
thinking through
my lavish travels

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Summer, Autumn, Winter

dearest most wonderful
Spring is missing
beautiful sister, prodigal, elusive
mere sight of her bring wide smiles
mother nature grieves, stressed and riles
at her sudden albeit
expected disappearance
flowers have refused to grow
humanity hitting new low
too much CO2 in the air
everyone cries it’s unfair
accelerating departure of
decimated decapitated
guardian angel ozone layer
self destruction continues
who on earth really cares
unable to dodge
piercing Armageddon stares
And still blame Spring for
not visiting home,
when our protective dome
all but annihilated

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anger on nothing
hatred out of habit
lying a necessity
envy backstab it
materialistic cravings
life selfish cocoon
just keep forgetting
death coming soon

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Life is an aimless symphony, a clueless cacophony, how will you perform it?

Demanding nature

Why we need
an enemy for existence
and pain has to be felt
why life needs to be fulfilled
desires to be dreamt
why oceans had to be deep
Mountains towering, steep
Promises to keep
and faith needs a leap
Why walking is so important
before a mad mad run
a long night shadow
before seeing almighty sun
Why stars are very far,
lies required to soothe
Heaven difficult to see
lust for abandoned fruit
why limit ends at sky
it pays to be coy
and men unnecessarily cry
Why gods are never seen
good hearts always clean
guilty pleasures so serene,
Why stories are scattered
humanity in tatters
and these words do not matter


Prayer of a young soul II

Let the meanness go away
Let sisters be dear sisters
and brothers be brothers
Let happiness rule the day
Confidence grows
Mad rush slows
Heart shows
a smile, a laughter
Money, not we are after
Just joy and play
Is here to stay
Last time I asked
End of wars, and such
At least give me, this much,
Pleaseee pleasee please 馃檪

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Bitty tale of longing and vengeance

Captured moments
torments heart, soul, the whole
left without reason, so cold, wrong season
have no one to cuddle, embrace, kiss
miss, those hands, smiling eyes, black lies
will believe all, deep fall, in the big hall
of day of judgment, came too early, burly sins
not even kins, no one left to rescue, only few
without clue, searching you, remembering
moments, dismembering rest of memory
just to keep a bit, semblance of truth hit
for warm cosy way to hell, do tell
this tale through your lens, exalted sense
of self righteousness and pity, bitty story
of a foolish lover lost, don’t feel sorry
some of us are born and died that way,
nothing black or white, just oceans of grey,
wheat without hay, pots without clay
never pray, for forgiveness, it won’t work

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