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Black holes pull
Sucking souls into dark
Keep searching missing sparks
Inspirations, words, deeds decimate
gloom, death, destruction state
exaggerating errors, sins, mistakes
Keeping hope, wills on a stake
Then, just then, when all is nearly lost
It happens so quickly, so fast
A supernova glowing, letting out light within
Steps are seen leading to redemption
Life’s resumption, in a blink
Powers within let you think
Darkness sink, in self created abyss
Remembering thoughts you missed
amazing lips, hearts, souls kissed
Surrounded by bliss
Thanking stars, from worlds so far
What I be without you!

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inspiration is everywhere
every breath is an opportunity,
to do more, to say something new,
soul renews, every morning every night,
dispel darkness, let there be light,
sweet or savoury, sumptuous delight,
wherever you look, beauty in sight
silence says nothing, words all the might
write and write, till dawn kisses your pen

Light before dawn

thoughts plush stairs
climbing one by one
at the top, you stop
left, there are none
that be the end
or mere beginning
take first step before
counting last, aghast
soul pleads against rushed,
never hushed, blood pumping
floor thumping, restless heart
wasted precious moments
nothing but torments
what was contemplated
considered, proven empty
fate tempting, to abyss
Silence required to count
thoughts to be found
worthy to consider
else death before dawn
before first step to

Rekindling of hope

The moment of hope
freedom, joy
is nearly upon us,
Thus, leave mundane

arcane, absolutely useless
fruitless, rootless chores,
adore, beauty, charm,
smiling, warm

welcoming faces
traces of good tidings
hidden in wooden horses
riding on pure luck

fate will go,
bit by bit, easy on you
just show destiny the courage
and stay the course

move with gusto, force,
bring back enthusiasm of
past gone era,
one you have lost in improbable

chase of glory and greed
go back to that time
when world was all green
bright and preened

from all the doom and gloom
create a plan, build a barn
loom cotton yarn, anything
which allows removal of doubt

create once again
that belief in self,
not clout of some, who declare,
write in flares, warnings abound

Don’t go around testing heights,
that can be reached,
their grip breached
giving them fright,

that their Reign,
gold adorned lanes
have no attraction,
lost its traction
to brave ones,

the hour, mighty moment is upon us
rise we shall, wise will mull
for centuries to come, of today
with their all encompassing

hindsight lens
to what does not make sense
and still marvel at our victorious
at some time laborious march,

to liberation, salvation,
end of tyranny,
Raise your voices to
Long last mutiny!

with few flickering lights,
a desire to fight,
to get back our rights
our freedom, our sight
and our hope


After dark

Prey, run away
see how far you get
my shadow searches
your soul, your being
am hidden in a tree trunk
my fellow being

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Funeral of the last butterfly

I was invited
to the funeral
of the last butterfly
All the birds were there
Insects made a wreath
Queen bee sung a melancholy
Grief too great to bear
Colours already left
Now the last butterfly gone
Everyone felt so lonely
Earthlings were alone
Far away in the sky
a thunder cloud
lightning strike,
a Phoenix flew in
Tears in its eyes,
sprayed on butterfly wings
Butterfly come to life
In all our hearts
Light of her soul
removed despair
Humanity wake up
When would you care
Planet is for all
We have to share
Might won’t work
win if we dare
Extinction of plants
Insects, animals all admire
Greenery in gardens
Fields and shire
Everything could go
If we don’t spare
Consume less,
Don’t scare
Nature, heavens
Water, our own air
Wind may blow
So does rain
Last butterfly
may flutter again
I wish, hope and pray

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Finding amidst blurred reality
Pure perception, fidelity
Vitality, key to survival
Revival, of what is lost!
Let the light be the guide

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