Sheer stupidity aka soul mates separation

a small wooden structure,
few random walls
separating us into
worlds of our own
million miles’ distance
across few inches
your uncountable admirers,
I feel all alone
even an open wide passage
will not build bridges
innumerable valleys,
unsurpassable ridges
tunnelling my way
through to your heart
too much pain to pass
before I can start
life has passed,
lost love never found
killed heart didn’t cry,
never made a sound
soul still searches,
and searches once more
can we find each other,
before shutting the life door

54 thoughts on “Sheer stupidity aka soul mates separation”

    1. May that wish comes true
      in forms a few
      like colours on a butterfly wing
      your passions plea
      spring’s sweet glee
      making hearts melt and sing
      may your beloved feel
      what you have felt
      my affectionate bee with a sting 🙂

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      1. honey dripping pen
        kissing lipstick stain
        a beautiful mind inspires
        a poor poet’s brain
        too many thoughts to follow
        all we need is one
        glowing, sparkling, enriching
        brighter than mighty sun
        once that thought is known
        drape with passion, affection
        present to the divine
        pathway to redemption

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      1. Some days are better than others. But that is life. 🙂
        There is always a comfort felt when we meet others who understand us. Not that we wish those feelings or heartache on others, but we feel a connection and don’t feel AS alone in what we’re experiencing.

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