Citrusy jest

One Lemon to another ‘Yellow sir’
And the other responded ‘yellow to you as well’
First one ‘how are you peeling, what would you like to have’
‘Juice?, lemonade?’ πŸ™‚

20140326-103023 pm.jpg

61 thoughts on “Citrusy jest”

  1. They should talk a bit more. Interesting thing is that when you take life of one of them you get what – lemonade!


  2. Insanity is rife. [grin] AB,I’m having trouble reaching your posts. Two today – and now I remember, 1 yesterday – have given me error messages, and I’ve had to do a search within your site of the post name … What have you changed ?


    1. Apologies M-R when I move them around and if the date changes then the original link becomes ineffective. That is how WordPress is structured. All I do is try to repost them by changing the time as most people read my posts through the WordPress reader. I only do it to few posts πŸ™‚


      1. Ah, but I DETEST the Reader, especially since they changed it so as to enable people to reada post without visiting the site it comes from … It appeals far more to my anal retentiveness to have a list of email advices of posts to work my way through, so as to pay the people I follow the compliment of actually being on their sites …


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