Pillaging state to state
four foundations great
Yellow in its colour
dirt tinted prism
Everything is a scandal
for sale journalism
we the real gods
forsaken stature
steal and plunder
corrupt legislature
Killings are ignored
partisan grudges
Justice not served
Ignorant judges
Biggest liars
Lotteries, bingos
Inept, incompetent
Admin gringos

20140415-123342 pm.jpg

32 thoughts on “Governance”

  1. Beautiful shot! I’m becoming a huge fan of your ability to bring out the details/delicacies in your pictures. ^ ^ I used to think HDR’s are over-the-top and icky but you totally proved me wrong.

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      1. I don’t shot in HDR, however do use HDR effect, this one has a light HDR effect surely πŸ™‚ many many thanks, I only use HDR effect where it works not all the time πŸ™‚ for me it is to bring the third dimension of a photo, and to add more detail to it πŸ™‚


    1. It is very kind and generous of you πŸ™‚ as suggested earlier I only use HDR effect when it works and it is a means to an end, purpose being to show the image how I want it to be shown πŸ™‚


  2. I’m fond of the text you post with your pictures. It gives un stronger dimension to the sense of the image. Thanks ! It’s like a rap song or a slam, there’s a good rythm in it.

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    1. Well as you can see I am slightly sick of the system πŸ™‚ what I am proposing (based on my other scribblings) wouldn’t work either due to inherent corruption in any governance system πŸ™‚


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