Open your heart’s window
see on the horizon
my deep affection
floating before the sun
covering its face
to protect you from harm
it can be bruised and burned
and I see your smile
for a while, satisfied eyes
when they realise
someone is so madly,
insanely hooked on the ocean blue,
willingly putting hand in fire
soothing his burning desire
If only you could open
that window been shut for ages

20140407-053011 pm.jpg

32 thoughts on “Open”

  1. Oh AB, I love this one. I’ve taken the liberties of interpreting it in my own intimate and personal way. F
    But then again, that’s what poetry is meant to inspire, yes? For me, this is a spiritual message. The divine reaching out.


    1. Dear Staci, thank you so much, your comment made very happy. Please intrepret this in your personal way, I like it 🙂 you are a blessed soul and may God make your life full of contentment, reflection and truth 🙂

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      1. Awwww, thanks so much AB.
        “may God make your life full of contentment, reflection and truth”
        –Yes, yes, and yes. I’ll take that any day.


    1. No, just a processed photo 🙂 everything you see, whatever it be, it is me, heart and soul own, as known the one who burned, turned in the shallowest of sleep, heart bleep, threat turning hollow, pride swallows, And let it show, world laughs, wind blows and I sense her from thousand miles 🙂


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