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Open your heart’s window
see on the horizon
my deep affection
floating before the sun
covering its face
to protect you from harm
it can be bruised and burned
and I see your smile
for a while, satisfied eyes
when they realise
someone is so madly,
insanely hooked on the ocean blue,
willingly putting hand in fire
soothing his burning desire
If only you could open
that window been shut for ages

20140407-053011 pm.jpg


I was wondering
wanting, wandering
cavalier, did not care
then you showed
light, emanating
startled soul stare
deep illuminating flare
heart fumbles, trips in glare
nothing will be same again

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Matters of heart,
Impossible to predict
in all circumstance
Life regrets if not fall
Hear the call
Submerse into
Waterways of love
Excruciating pains of
open eyes drowning,
Tranquility never found
when love is around

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