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In a dream, I saw
Garden of Eden
rivers of milk, flowers of heaven
tree of life
Soul still
Just unsatisfied
missed your presence
you who I sought
for whom I fought
battles of will
woke up all bare
sweat running through my hair
a beat then revealed
open secret of billion years
Heart is your home
Most of us wandering
True explorers are some
Don’t want garden
Don’t need heaven
Just let your presence felt
in dark blackened heart
Cure the incurable

20140223-083102 am.jpg


Into the distance
house on the hill
Drawn towards
No power no will
Sorcery I cry
travel still
Heart aches
a desire to fulfil
Soul being ground
wheat in a mill
Flesh is burning
on a passion grill
Top of the summit
in madness I drill
Unable to find you
my search continues20140527-125842 pm-46722557.jpg