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Bitty tale of longing and vengeance

Captured moments
torments heart, soul, the whole
left without reason, so cold, wrong season
have no one to cuddle, embrace, kiss
miss, those hands, smiling eyes, black lies
will believe all, deep fall, in the big hall
of day of judgment, came too early, burly sins
not even kins, no one left to rescue, only few
without clue, searching you, remembering
moments, dismembering rest of memory
just to keep a bit, semblance of truth hit
for warm cosy way to hell, do tell
this tale through your lens, exalted sense
of self righteousness and pity, bitty story
of a foolish lover lost, don’t feel sorry
some of us are born and died that way,
nothing black or white, just oceans of grey,
wheat without hay, pots without clay
never pray, for forgiveness, it won’t work

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Long-winded drivel

Let’s discuss this
Let’s discuss that

Doesn’t matter what
Doesn’t matter who
Colours will do
Green or blue

Ocean waters
Sons, daughters
Smiles, laughter
Plenty crying after

Walk and runs
Joys and funs
Words just flow
Ideas grow


Conquests, cures
Pains endured
More and more
Hit the floor

Listen to the hum
Mother Earth glum
Could ignore
Talk some more
Finance, politics
Don’t be a bore

How about ants living,
Gorillas screaming
Purpose of living
Reasons for dying
Riches, diamonds
Life unsatisfying

Inviting, biting
Infinite fighting
Cause unknown
Bodies thrown
Souls blown

Inhuman misery
Factories, fisheries
Ships and planes
Expanses, plains

Roof of the world
Beautiful birds
Beaches and peaches
Eels and leeches
Jail breaches

Injuries, hurts
Heart wrenching, flirts
Indeed…about that,
Stop staring that skirt
Stop calling me a bird
You are such dirt

Why going so low
Flying solo
Let me hold that hand

Humanity, insanity
Divinity, destiny,
Joys of being, litany

a samurai sword,
High tea can’t afford
Unstoppable buying
nowhere to hoard

Walk and stand
Invisible hand
Conspiracies true
my love for you

Go on and on
Till it is dawn
A new day again
discussion began

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