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Mere extension
Shadow’s tip
Smile’s expansion
Moment’s blip
You are ebb
I am flow
fellowship bond
strengthens, grows
No beginnings
No end
You for me
I for you
Heaven send

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Last tryst

Spring flowers move with your steps
Birds sings, smiling, kissing your lips
Bend littered with countless broken hearts
Ones which never saw your perfect endearing eyes
Looking at this humble, insignificant being
Coming closer and closer you extend
Your beautiful soft rose hand
To be held, kissed, worshiped even
in those heavenly dreams I believe in
Sandals come off those beautiful feet
Clouds make way and retreat
In blue we just fly
floating to the seventh sky
When my hand touches your arm
my soul just lose it, heart disarms
Misgivings I had of death
That’s all I want instead
To be with you till eternity

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