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A fool’s bended view of the world

Bend in steel
heart’s feel, soul’s peel

force of emotions
elations, demotions
sacrifice, devotions,

all wasted, if I lost
self absorbed love
at vanity’s cost
Has to be you

where I need to be true
not me and my marathon
hike and climb,
open or sublime,
the ladder of affection

self satisfaction!
get off this path
true love dissatisfaction
destruction, demolition
is what is required
heart enquired,
but found none

and that is a fact
enough of the act
drown or leave
never to be seen
nothing in between
Capisce old chum
blown up drum,
in whisky and rum


Effort and applause

Crafted with sweat and blood
took seven hundred twenty days
dragged to strange ways
there it lays, reflecting

artistry, craftsmanship
blacksmithing, brush strokes
most desired masterpiece
breath’s final release

admired, smiled and spitted on
admittedly, lately
people have varying taste
some take ages to decide
what they adore, abhor
others in momentary haste,

driven by greed, creed, breed
millions fail, few succeed,
there is nothing else to the deed,
has to be done, by someone

let’s mocking cocking
crowds have their say
it is the ancient way,
how nature decides destiny