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Summer, Autumn, Winter

dearest most wonderful
Spring is missing
beautiful sister, prodigal, elusive
mere sight of her bring wide smiles
mother nature grieves, stressed and riles
at her sudden albeit
expected disappearance
flowers have refused to grow
humanity hitting new low
too much CO2 in the air
everyone cries it’s unfair
accelerating departure of
decimated decapitated
guardian angel ozone layer
self destruction continues
who on earth really cares
unable to dodge
piercing Armageddon stares
And still blame Spring for
not visiting home,
when our protective dome
all but annihilated

20140401-121101 pm.jpg

Self respect

gentle being so tall
stand, rise, above all
your place, space
in the blue sky,
is not determined
by blind minions
evil dominions
destiny is in hand
have fortitude, defend
for a new dimension,
what is your right
it is ok to fight
dark princes and
mercenary knights
raise colour of destiny
breaking universe’s litany
reach enlightenment now
breaking evil’s vow
of not letting us see the light

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