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Julie – the shopkeeper

Keeping all the goods
World exotic food

Houses, cars, cats
Olives, oils, fats,
Umbrella and hats

Sparkly neon statutes
Ghosts that catch you
Doodles, silly things
Tooth fairy’s wings

Vases, draping internal
Flowers blooming eternal
All the good and great
Lying in a crate

Even sold emotions
Lust and devotion
Lull and motions

All types and trades
Low and high grades
Clear eyes, new brains
when memory fades

I only came for one
A pistol or a gun
To kill suffering, hate
a trapping with a bait

To lure bad inside
Remove whatever it hides
She looked me and said
I can sell you love instead

Killing never solves
Humanity shouldn’t absolve
It’s duty to this world
To spread only what lasts
All becomes dust, past
Take this potion, drink
Time is running fast


Vanity song

how much you
wish to hold me
scold me
for being me

life isn’t fair
I’ve got the flair
blame on destiny
luck, coincidence, fate
or anything you hate

how much you
wish, truly wish
to hold me
scold me
for being me

I am not vain
or insane
basking in glory
ever and ever again
repeating my story

how much
tell me how much
you wish to hold me
push me down
scold me
for being gorgeous
fabulous me

I am dancing to
world melodies
laughing on my own
romancing with
billionaire tragedies

tell me how
muchness much
you really wish
I didn’t exist
wish to hold me
and then ruthlessly
scold me, for being
only, better lonely
wryly smiling,

Cross mannequin

Why don’t you talk
Why don’t you listen
Why don’t you care
That is not so fair
Stop looking at your phone
Please listen to my moan
Everyday it is something else
Could be work, hard sells
Or this eternal sitting still
Life so boring, grinding mill
Time doesn’t pass, time kills
I know, you have your bills
Friendly chats, business skills
Here is a request, a beg from me
Just move me a little everyday
Give me a hug, something nice to say
Don’t run away, please stay
Will make me happy, make me gay
Say and say, all you secrets to me,
I am safe, all the way

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