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Windows 8 :-)

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Saw double rainbow today
Morrow is for leprechaun
Day after unicorn
Gold coins uncountable
Atlantis is visible
Everything is possible 🙂

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Shades of last evening

the beauty, charm, enchantment
of doubt has got you this far
don’t stop, don’t give up
universe will float afar
try to reach, that small twinkling
star, super nova, perhaps an inkling
of a new galaxy, where your dreams
even shattered ones, reside, scream
for redemption, and peace of soul
contraction of self into a black hole
let it happen, what else nature could do
let it rip you apart, let it through,
once each shred of you subsumed, consumed
in the fabric of nothingness, assurance will rise
certainty will surmise, in the shades of last evening
that, you existed and that my dear is enough
for me and for the love shared