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Rockstar – II

Million hearts beat with my strings
Money comes in bags, groupies cling
life never ordinary, world knows who I am
royalty personafied in rock n roll game
Walk outside with thousand flashes
then suddenly, painfully, destiny crashes,
fate’s theft, Freddy left a beautiful mirage

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Sense of belonging, longing and pride
One country in disarray, another one decides
Wars are fought, blood is spilled
Blind patriotism, numerous killed
Oath of allegiance, to Queen and the shire
Criticism treason, consequences dire
All but for the country of your birth?
Wake up humans, you belong to Earth

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London – Eye of Sauron

The mighty Eye woke up one day
Amazed at the city she was at stay
Mad at people for keeping her chained
across Westminster, terror reigned
People ran, not to be crushed and killed
destroyed the city however she willed
London became a dreadful ghost town
charred Tower Hill and a crushed crown
Wheel came near Horse Guard parade
Queen fought bravely, then evacuation made
Army came prepared and fired at will
Ferris wheel died before another kill
Let’s rebuild the city, with its soul still
Nothing spared, Mayor; Honour the bill!

Cruelty and misfits

the distance between us
is nothing worth mentioning
time in between albeit
is centuries if not more

you live in palaces,
my solace on shore
admire opera and ballet,
I listen folklore

diamond, gold ornaments,
black iron is my core
thousand hearts sacrifice,
none comes to this fore

money never in torn pockets
you have more and more
few steps door to door,
still destinies apart