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Keep going – Never, ever, ever quit

Write what you like
Others may hate it or dislike
Don’t you care
Write how your heart feels
Let your soul peel
Don’t you fear
Write what is right
may be heavy, could be light
Write, just write my dearIMG_0017.JPG

Zero to infinity

First experiment in publication…please take a look at ‘Zero to Infinity’ a short book with ten poems at iBooks store…since love, devotion and thoughts are priceless, this book is free. I have created it over one of the weekends so apologies in advance for any typos and navigation issues that you may experience. If you like it then please spread the word. Depending on its popularity or otherwise I may decide to do a full scale 30/40 poems one soon. Link below, you will need an apple iPad. Apologies to others. I do have a large pdf available, send me a message I will email it to you 🙂


20140328-032030 am.jpg

How about some mint tea :-)

I know my actions
caused enormous hurt
to your heart’s numerous sections
same specie, different factions
there have to some brownie points for that
before I forget, have some mint tea
With no one else but me
and I agree
company is wretched
late night hatched
plan far fetched
Still good to give a chance
I insist, may heart persists
mind resists, all inane invites
Nothing serious, just a light bite
with tea, pleaseIMG_2133.JPG