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Sugar coated simplicity

Perceived hard truths
no matter how many
layers coated, quoted
with niceties, graces
Mind races, to judgments
assuming all was absolute
Heart resolutes, to make
it all work again, regain
trust lost, immense cost
Little does it know
when it lightly snows
a mighty storm brewing
just nearby, spewing
doomsday predictions
questioning existence
Contradictions, are they real
aren’t these so called
post walled, dark truths
nothing but figments
pigments of coloured
perception called reality
Singularity, duality
Who is to say what
is real or fake
Mind’s intake
is limited when such
fundamental beliefs
are challenged, relief
is sought, by having some
sugar coated pills
paying your bills
and sleeping in blissful
Ignorance, with assurance
Sun will shine tomorrow
Life will be just an ordinary day
You will have a say, in matters
What relate to you, me
and how hard truths we see

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