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Hunters – reloaded

Time is set
for a new hunt
far away lands
Getting to the goal
Few of us unsure
carry on
evening arrives
Moon appears
Sun departs
Wait is over
Guns blazing
Shots everywhere
Few hours of fun
With our guns
Life and death matter
for the hunted ones

20131226-043233 pm.jpg

20131226-043242 pm.jpg

20131226-043258 pm.jpg

20131226-043309 pm.jpg



20131208-062457 pm.jpg
Alone in the moor
looking to end a life
circle gets completed
he contemplates

From a distance
he appears a savage
Inside he is crying
Listening to the prey
Wishing it well
deed must be done
Before the night fell

20131208-062912 pm.jpg