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That door shut behind so loudly
Even reflections screamed
Showing pain of passing beings
Moved by the scene
I cried on the street,
Tears flowed like rivers never seen
Bitterly complained for my pains
Blood drying in veins
Then she passed, universe personified
Long silky hair, beauty insane
Dark glasses and a white cane!
I forgot all, pain, tears, blood,
Just remained silent
for unknown moments and stood
still, unmoving, sun set,
for the first time, indeed
for the first time, I understood
secret of life and my insanity
pure vanity, where I was kicked
I ran back, begging for more
Limbs got utterly sore
Not counting my loved ones
not listening to their lullabies
to give me peace, sleep, rest,
their patience I test, and test
They tried their utmost,
Their best, to make me happy,
And I end up crying for some unneeded
Unwanted things, even if have millions
They would bring, any happiness?
Just more cuts in splintered rain
Go back where you belong
Happiness like a silent song
Will greet you, meet you
and hug you with welcoming arms
and after ages of undying love
death will be peaceful

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