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What now

Abruptly, end of road is here
Smooth sailing, now nowhere
Blank expression, nervous stare
Unsure of origins or life
Calmness, disruptions, strife
Unhappiness, darkness, rife
What now, pray tell, what now
Move on, struggle on, somehow
All that knowledge, knowhow
Hope destroyed, destiny tested
Stay prolonged, departure hasted
Ordinary achievements, life wasted
Really, or just another figment
of unrealistic imagination20140711-063729 am-23849294.jpg


Disguised as a flower
Gabriel spoke to me
Giving hope of
Showing uncharted territory

Where the heaven
meets the horizon
Trees in the forest
sing in unison
songs of praise
for the nature above

My deeds are weak
My words are hollow
Still the hope
allows me to speak

I go back to my forefathers
honour intact,
head held high
Being true to
my creed

For roaming the earth
Sowing the seeds
of happiness, courage,
for a better world, indeed

AB 3 January, 2014
Photos AB Dec 2013

20140103-053541 pm.jpg

Traps of glittering sand

Hope trapped in
minuscule crystals
translucent image
of what remains

still and will be seen
for teaching a lesson
for generations to come
I was the mason

created quicksand
someone didn’t land
so soft so beautiful
can’t waste such mastery

a sacrifice made
a price was paid
my sweet darling hope
was trapped instead

forever, infinity
no even divinity
could rescue, such
is the genius of its creation

now I roam the earth
mocking with mirth
cursing the birth
of universe and time

unable to cope
such is the effect
everlasting defect
of losing hope


Rekindling of hope

The moment of hope
freedom, joy
is nearly upon us,
Thus, leave mundane

arcane, absolutely useless
fruitless, rootless chores,
adore, beauty, charm,
smiling, warm

welcoming faces
traces of good tidings
hidden in wooden horses
riding on pure luck

fate will go,
bit by bit, easy on you
just show destiny the courage
and stay the course

move with gusto, force,
bring back enthusiasm of
past gone era,
one you have lost in improbable

chase of glory and greed
go back to that time
when world was all green
bright and preened

from all the doom and gloom
create a plan, build a barn
loom cotton yarn, anything
which allows removal of doubt

create once again
that belief in self,
not clout of some, who declare,
write in flares, warnings abound

Don’t go around testing heights,
that can be reached,
their grip breached
giving them fright,

that their Reign,
gold adorned lanes
have no attraction,
lost its traction
to brave ones,

the hour, mighty moment is upon us
rise we shall, wise will mull
for centuries to come, of today
with their all encompassing

hindsight lens
to what does not make sense
and still marvel at our victorious
at some time laborious march,

to liberation, salvation,
end of tyranny,
Raise your voices to
Long last mutiny!

with few flickering lights,
a desire to fight,
to get back our rights
our freedom, our sight
and our hope


Endless possibilities

we will live and leave
something in the air,
perhaps our flair,
to live life beyond
what is conspired
against us,
thus, no despair,
just hope,
and a beautiful,
destination rope,
awaits to take us
to heaven and beyond
hop a ride
with you on my side
all is possible

Long day

What do you do
when not in the mood
To see, to say,
to yes to nay
To walk the bridge
To climb the ridge
To move the fate
To love to hate
To crush to grind
To sweet revenge
To push to shove
To almighty love
Words don’t come
Tunes won’t play
No sleep for some
No grass no clay
No days of fun
No dawn with sun
No laughter or tears
No courage or fears
Patience o patience
It will not last
Greetings dear friend
the Clock has struck
The day has passed!

20140118-053213 pm.jpg

Highway to heaven

road was long,
gradient steep,
deeds difficult,
slowness prolongs,
the journey
till you reach,
number seven
in your sleep
wake up
promises to keep
blind leap
Don’t be short
kindness, love
Soul sanity
No spins
pure truth
good doings
some sins
will be

20140420-035508 pm.jpg