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Welcoming home

very welcoming home,
some precious moments
were passed in great company
heart peeling
the tranquil feeling
warmth all around

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Hunger and waste

I don’t have much

you eat such

qualities and quantities

of sustenance, I can dream

and still never ever seem

to get a single day worth living



Wait for rations
all hours in a day
Someone somewhere
wastes away
double standards
are here to stay
rich have millions
and games to play
poor do rise
have your say
your say matters
in rags and tatters
we won’t let you live
until you give
up in the smoke
wealth croaks
humanity triumphs
vanity limps
end hegemony
burn fake money
food you produce
all yours to eat
Rations for rich
who don’t know
how to cook
let alone sow
that is only just
rise we must

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Food for millions, just thousands feed
This, this and that, endless greed
simpleton animals, only eat what they need
listen and observe, advice you should heed
Sapiens, oh supreme beings, take the lead
Stop immense wastage, nature’s bleed
seed by seed, nurture Mother Earth.20140731-082753-30473113.jpg