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Not in the mood

to kiss, the most beautiful few
to miss, anyone else or you
to lit, a revolutionary fire
submit, to lust and desire
to lie, gain fake applause
to die, for an ill thought cause
to pry, on innocent young
go high, with white coke dung
to leave, my spirit alone
believe, patriotism on loan
aspire, to reach at the top
expire, before the last stop
lend, undeserved golden spoon
end, my struggle so soonIMG_0123.JPG

The End

to reflect on and show disgust to killings in gang wars, school massacres, terrorism, lynching, or any other barbaric acts of humans involving killing of other human beings

I look at senseless killings
of ordinary denizens
doing their tasks
in a ordinary way
on a ordinary day
And these human sake
complete evil beings
unable to call them humans
unable to call them anything
kill humanity with shots
in the head
everyone feared dead
and the street just dread
their steps covered in blood
gore and flesh
which seems like
they have eaten
of innocent beings
How this will end
How …this will end
Or resurrection day
Why it is not today!!!

20140131-115605 am.jpg

Ten islands’ tale

illuminating, bright
moonlight blight
this is the story
of ten islands of light
with inner cores,
full of fossil wax
exploited, abused,
rules were lax
once it was known
final reserves blown
time to reap
the black seed sown
life was endearing
situation worrying
denizens full of fear
seeing their end near
sages dreamed
best it seemed
was to enjoy
what wax remains,
populous agreed
to this idea insane,
don’t think of morrow
drown your sorrows
eat every tiny
little bit of pie,
light up the earth,
flare up the sky
wait for ultimate
known capitulation
the end as foreseen,
total annihilation
one island disagrees
saved its energy
see others evaporate
lives ruin, decimate
from this sorry tale,
thousand miles gale
hurricane burn
lessons to learn
live in moderation
with little bit of fun
but don’t lit all candles to
compete with the sun
conservation, sustainable
energy we need
sunlight, air, waves could feed
if nonsensical usage
we won’t amend
knowing too well
the sad sad end

Cries of the first trillionaire of the lost planet

message relayed
you are so late
humanity’s fate
rested in those
irresponsible hands
seas destroyed
barren lands
saving required
immense sacrifice
mere talk
will not suffice
but talk you did
in shadows hid
kept a tight lid
on issues grave
temperature rise
extinction on rise
species adored
shown death door
pennies to save
profits to make
arms are cure
poor must endure
ivory towers safe
rations they have
others good riddance
no admittance
humanity’s fate
of this late
everything died
except you
who flew
to your glass abode
everyone expired
whole planet fried
almighty cries
no one to listen
no one to complain
just a lone insane
and rest of the world
in demised memory laneIMG_2221.JPG