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Holes in the sole reveal
an era has passed
move over
go lower
time has lapsed
so fast, so swift
No chance to go astray
no drift
paltry wealth
dwindling health
linear lines, no lift
Now, what of now
is a good question
admission to vegetation
Rodents infestation
to weakened bones
lessons learned
ready to impart
audience depart
that attitude, that flair
no one cares,
all was left has left
daylight robbery, theft
or just life’s bitter end
when no one lends
an ear, supportive hand
any time to a poor soul
punishment for own goal,
grave solitude

20140125-051330 am.jpg


anger on nothing
hatred out of habit
lying a necessity
envy backstab it
materialistic cravings
life selfish cocoon
just keep forgetting
death coming soon

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Life is an aimless symphony, a clueless cacophony, how will you perform it?