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Julie – the shopkeeper

Keeping all the goods
World exotic food

Houses, cars, cats
Olives, oils, fats,
Umbrella and hats

Sparkly neon statutes
Ghosts that catch you
Doodles, silly things
Tooth fairy’s wings

Vases, draping internal
Flowers blooming eternal
All the good and great
Lying in a crate

Even sold emotions
Lust and devotion
Lull and motions

All types and trades
Low and high grades
Clear eyes, new brains
when memory fades

I only came for one
A pistol or a gun
To kill suffering, hate
a trapping with a bait

To lure bad inside
Remove whatever it hides
She looked me and said
I can sell you love instead

Killing never solves
Humanity shouldn’t absolve
It’s duty to this world
To spread only what lasts
All becomes dust, past
Take this potion, drink
Time is running fast



emotions circle
worries encircle,
affections square
touches required,
loathing triangle
hate angle,
stress cylinder
thoughts plunder,
lust hexagon
passion lexicon,
ideas cube
missing lube,
life sans shape,
ready to snap

20140616-122044 pm-44444509.jpg

Güzel kadın baykuş

anger eyes hurricane wind
sadness tears never rescind
happiness colours flowers bloom
sensual lips annihilate gloom
intellect depth secret heirloom
body made wise owl’s home
Roam and roam, never found another


Solitude and the sea

Love was lost,
heart destroyed,
soul abandoned,
emotions left to rot,
Dot to dot,
million years solitude
tears filling ocean
emptying emotions
far way at distance
at heart insistence
I see some hope
ship that sailed
eras before,
with my soul in store
on the horizon door
there to disappear again
bleak consciousness regain
its hold on self
leap to jump
ready to dump
all optimism in the deep blue
despair glue and calm quiet sea
will remain, and here I be


When it comes to me
Colours never touch
shadows never lurch
Near my existence,
does happiness think
she is too good to be near
dear to I,
Black and white lie,
is life, time, emotions,
and I tell them on their faces
colour traces, all that is untrue