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Ten islands’ tale

illuminating, bright
moonlight blight
this is the story
of ten islands of light
with inner cores,
full of fossil wax
exploited, abused,
rules were lax
once it was known
final reserves blown
time to reap
the black seed sown
life was endearing
situation worrying
denizens full of fear
seeing their end near
sages dreamed
best it seemed
was to enjoy
what wax remains,
populous agreed
to this idea insane,
don’t think of morrow
drown your sorrows
eat every tiny
little bit of pie,
light up the earth,
flare up the sky
wait for ultimate
known capitulation
the end as foreseen,
total annihilation
one island disagrees
saved its energy
see others evaporate
lives ruin, decimate
from this sorry tale,
thousand miles gale
hurricane burn
lessons to learn
live in moderation
with little bit of fun
but don’t lit all candles to
compete with the sun
conservation, sustainable
energy we need
sunlight, air, waves could feed
if nonsensical usage
we won’t amend
knowing too well
the sad sad end