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A great big fire
Rages in the heart
Mountains to move
Improbabilities to prove
Ultimate desire

Dusk to dawn
the mood changes
Suppressing rages
Wood to ashes
Dream crashes!!

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20131229-065239 am.jpg

20131229-070353 am.jpg


Dust and ashes
Reminds the end
beginnings, pretend
heaven send
Or was it hell
Time will tell
What is to there to sell
soul sold
heart under hammer
Can’t speak a word
Stammer stammer
Amend your words
Correct grammar
it won’t change the script
Decrypt the message
Open the passage
Time to go
End the lust
of eternal life
Going is must
Ashes and dust
Where is the coffin
Lay it to rest
Ashes and dust
and gust, takes it away
to deep dark
unknown valleys
spread last remains
of bones and flesh
powerless being
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