Pockets full, empty hands

Life’s conversation
discussion, education
a sermon on Sunday
Friday, Saturday, Monday
Purpose, aims, objects
strategy, plans, subject
to what happens next
treachery and tact
opportunities, endless goals
chasing wealth blackholes
working beyond hard
souls and flesh apart
Morals integrity auctions
anger, heartless eruptions
more and more we make
Death due, nothing to take

16 thoughts on “Pockets full, empty hands”

  1. dig this one. this one can go in a lot of directions. and you know, I can really look into the dark element pretty good. when I saw chasing wealth blackholes, I immediately thought of oil. the pockets are full, but as far humanity, it’s an empty hand


    1. Many thanks, one angle is us depositing money in bank accounts or accumulating in property, stocks and once we have some we crave for even more, there is no end till we die and then that number in our bank account we are so proud of gets distributed between governments, lawyers, next generation etc. Absolutely useless exercise which then means that we are unable to be content most of our lives


  2. All our time on earth is mostly wasted. We can’t take any of our materialistic ‘earnings’ with us. Only our souls’ growth is important in the long run. Love this one AB.

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