Hunger games (in colour)

succulent pig, tomatoes
green peas, potatoes
dessert would be an apple Pie
Blatant banana republic Lie
Eat Pray Die
or why bother eating
pray defecating
just die, die
a rich animal’s cry
absolute demand
that what we want
give us give us
death destruction
catacomb construction
blood sucking gory
vampires we are
rulers by far
Built your fall
will kill you all
and drill you all
every night is a feast
Halloween beasts
world needs churning
dry flesh burning
great learning
for your kids
under our skids
we need someone
to lie and die
Sacrifice is necessary
your skin an accessory
to our fashion
no animal cruelty
just human duality
20140126-092259 pm.jpg

41 thoughts on “Hunger games (in colour)”

    1. Swami jee,
      Many thank for your appreciation and query. Here is slightly longish explanation:
      These photos show Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, where quite a few poor people live. I wrote a poem about their issues (called Paradox – look for it in my blogs – search button will take you there) and how their views differ from Brazilian Middle class who see them waste of space and a burden on them. At the same time Government in Brazil do these token projects where they spent millions to make the conditions better one of them is colouring their houses as you see. However disenfranchised poor still feel excluded and aggrieved. I have linked all this to movies and books of hunger games and how poor and rich are segregated and once in a while rich allow selected poor to taste their lifestyle at a cost – of their lives 🙂

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      1. Sure, AB. But if You read my posts, You will see that I am not specific about places or their ills, but their causes, and that I am trying to get People to Wake Up, and Speak Up! One with You. Regards.


  1. The colors make the distant view of the houses beautiful. It’s just too bad the the gov spent the money on paint and manpower instead of a project to the poor become less poor.


    1. I am sure it was done with the best of intentions, however the issue to find a solution which makes society less polarised is very difficult and most of the governments fail in this respect.


    1. it is a poor neighbourhood (favela) in Rio De Janeiro, being coloured by the Govt to look nice, I went inside and saw abject poverty…hence the title and the poem!

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  2. It is laudable that you make people aware of such scenarios, AB. It is sad though to see the superficiality of aid given by the government… Elevating the facade of a community doesn’t necessarily mean the living situation elevates with it.

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