Divine Beauty

The reason
colour exists
water flows
birds sing
grass grows
spring comes
flowers blossom
sun rises
moon shines
mere stare of a lass
absolute divine

20131213-042810 pm.jpg


27 thoughts on “Divine Beauty”

  1. I am awarding you the Sunshine Award. There are also 6 awards I’m offering to all my readers, which you can take any or all of those. If you don’t accept awards, sorry about that, it’s just my way of saying thank you for coming by. For more details, please view this post http://wp.me/p41c99-MI Take care, Sage


    1. always is a tough word to beat 😊

      when crossing Park avenue
      stumbling me and a passing you
      walking hidden smiling face
      confidently calm in human race
      always comes to my mind too


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