Just me

Just me
Looking for you
All day long
The dusk has arrived
My body has survived
Soul destroyed!

20140127-123223 pm.jpg


34 thoughts on “Just me”

  1. I think body always survives, from birth to death! And they say soul never dies, but it is important for the body to acknowledge the presence of soul when body is alive. Am I making sense, AB?


    1. I, of course, take these pictures 🙂 photography is easy, get a decent DSLR and then have an eye for the image, once you have the image, then process it and viola 🙂


    1. Unless we try we will never know whether we are good or not, so I am trying 🙂 I agree on the soul part as well 🙂 I am an optimist so redemption is always there, some times hidden 🙂


  2. This is how we feel when we are looking for our loved ones and they are no where near us…and pic it says more thn the words…


      1. Oh no! I’m a really strong woman. I just wanted to see someone I just met and was waiting for the moment, but he was on travel. Maybe in a month we will be meeting because in two days I will be the one who’s going to travel for a month 🙂 Thank you! I wish you a great week too.

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