Solitary confinement in a crowd

not long ago
walking though woods
bleak neighbourhoods
I never understood
of being alone
on my own
as I had you
in my heart
alas came a day
errors I may
have committed
to lust, I submitted
and then I lost you
the only one, true
to me, left
broad day theft
head spinning
heartache immense
veins bleed
just not to death
at least not yet
I am not that lucky
now between beautiful
cheerful, glowing faces
adorned spaces,
festival lights
flying heights
solitary confined
life defined
fate refined
almost deadly
sadly, due to one
has been done
colossal error
terror, of my life
and I smile,
for a while,
laughing loudly
At insanity of
that moment
and torment
I suffer
with no buffer
of vanity
till eternity

29 thoughts on “Solitary confinement in a crowd”

    1. Eric, indeed, big errors of judgement could have immense consequences. However future could still be brighter as it has not happened yet and could be influenced, I like your positive thinking about circumstances when people think all is lost without realising lot more to happen and they need to open their eyes to new possibilities. 😊

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  1. Mistakes and regrets are of the past. Nobody is an exception to human frailties. What matters most is what we do between then and tomorrow. That feeling of “solitary confinement in a crowd” is just too familiar.
    A poignant piece, AB.

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    1. Many thanks Ember, I strings of your heart being touched from this poem are not to tender and a roaring sense of hope has patched up gloominess of the heart. Stay blessed.

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    1. Anne, just few words, nothing more, relaying the predicament of a person who sat there everyday and wept, I had no other option but to share that remorse, that past guilt 😊

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  2. Splendid work!! Touching indeed. And I like the way you insinuated that sometimes loneliness is an outcome of our deeds (as per my understanding). Strange times. Bravo!!!
    May your creative energy continue to manifest through your pen.ameeen☺

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