I won’t take tea with you

beautiful tormentor, love of eternity
thousand daggers piercing sanity
evening masses, streets and passes
unnoticed in this deep trance,
can not steal a mole, let alone your soul
certainly unfit for romance
I won’t take tea with you
coffee is another matter, perhaps later,
unable to refuse your charm
association deep harm
will die in a ditch, as an overdosed snitch
and blame squarely lies on you

41 thoughts on “I won’t take tea with you”

  1. Thank you ! your poem caused me to look at” Japanese Song of Love and Other Things”:
    Father is plowing
    Daughter does her work;
    And mother’s out back
    Cooking rice.
    Life is remarkable and you captured in your post its essence as it passes.

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    1. I am afraid there is no logic to living, it is all a big coincidence continuously happening all around us. We are all lost, however how we deal with that makes all the difference. In my humble view losing oneself is the best way to find life and love around you. Kindest regards

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      1. Let it find you, bind you, blind you, wrists will be cut, blood red gut, no where to run, no home no hut, all relations, emotions, inhibitions shut, time to dance naked..love does not taketh, any prisoners without blame, just carcasses from old flames, silent sobbing souls sans shame, irony is, like a drugged leper lame, I will do it all again

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