Near stillness
Water, boat, floating I
Everything passing by
Zooming, zipping, overtaking
As if in a hurry to see everything
consume every bit, before it dies
Should I be worried, am I missing the boat
while being in one, world gloats,
worthless possessions, in my eyes,
heart sighs, keep looking for questions!

20140417-093905 am.jpg

35 thoughts on “Pace”

  1. I love this poem. I’m not sure if you intend it to be specifically about Venice (I’m sure it has broader context) but for me it expresses so much about this beautiful place that is slowly being flooded by water ‘consume every bit, before it dies’.


    1. Many thanks for your wonderful thought, poem was written in a broader context however, as perceptively mentioned by you, it equally applies to the beautiful Venice πŸ™‚


    1. Materialistic views have unfortunately changed our values and there is a rush to acquire more and keep adding to our collection till the day we die.


      1. May not be the case. The house pricing is globally increasing like mad. There is a need to stop this kind of rampant inflation. When government always say inflation, it is still the government can put a stop to this.


  2. Thank you for liking β€œPrincess in Peacock Feather Mask.” I enjoy the rhythm of this poem and the lovely photo of Venice. Life does seem to rush by even when you are not in a boat. πŸ™‚ And I agree that some people miss out on some of the simpler pleasures of life because they are in such a hurry to acquire more money, more power, and more material things.

    Your poem brought to mind something a co-worker at my previous job told me about his home country. I think he is originally from Nigeria or some other part of Africa, and he told me the way that they arrange business meetings there is different from the way they arrange them here. While people in the United States pick a specific day, date, and time to meet and expect everyone involved to arrive at that specific prearranged moment, the people in his part of the world schedule a time frame of several days. People could get together at any time within that time frame. I am not sure how efficient this is, but maybe this slower type of scheduling is a less stressful way to meet people.


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