World’s riches, nations wealth
accumulated by fortunate few
Rest of us could lie and linger
Rest of us could die in hunger
Rest of us could sleep on the streets
Rest of us find food as a treat
Rest of us should wake up one day
Irony is, why it is not today!

20140417-041455 am.jpg

27 thoughts on “Top”

      1. Absolutely, difficult times are bound to come, how do we deal with them, can we keep our sanity…I pray for your and your family’s well being. May you find peace again and times get far far better.


      2. Ohhhh, thanks so much AB. It really means so much to me when someone sincerely prays for me. I know that only God has the power to move mountains. Bless you, my friend. And thank you once again.


  1. AB.. your words touch my heart.. Yes why do we not wake up today?.. I remember Live Aid, and how the world sang its song to bring awareness on Hunger and poverty, war and suffering.. Yet all these many years later nothing has really changed for these people, despite the big charities who are helping..
    I hope you will read one of my poems along with art I did on the same subject many years ago.. Thank you AB..

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    1. Sue, your words certainly are heart felt and I extremely appreciate the time and attention to my humble words. To respond to observation (very true), I believe charities are the wrong way to improve people’s lives. Anecdotal evidence, based on my personal experience, most of funds available to them are not spent on sustainable individual or community development. And handouts have never improved lives of individual human beings.
      I will certainly have look at your past work, thank you for sharing.
      Kindest regards


      1. I have to agree with you there AB whole heartedly.. even though I donate regular to the Red Cross and Save the Children.. It galls me that there are those who live off various Charity institutions who filter off much needed funds .. These are the top of the tree’s, not the volunteers whose unpaid help provides more feathers in their nests..
        I see how Charity has become BIG Business.. With Millions spent on advertising campaigns, while nothing is really being done to help people become self sufficient to grow their own food or irrigate their land.. Shameful .. 🙂


      2. Sue, the best charity is when you are able to fund someone’s education or trade and then let them get on with their lives, this helps them immensely. Other good forms are helping people directly for medical treatments or daily sustenance, however that to me should be done in acute circumstances. I don’t go near big charities.


  2. You have a clear understanding of the intense suffering of those at the bottom. I like the image of the bird perched on the roof. To me it symbolises freedom and seeing things from a higher vantage point.

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    1. Richard, very kind and generous comment. I wish I had even more understanding because I don’t feel we can all imagine all the pain some of them go through when there is no food in the house or medicine for the sick. This world and sapiens are extremely selfish and it is very sad to observe.

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