Emotional baggage

Start of an affair
In deep blue sea
bodies get hot
from ever shining sun
minds just wander
into the depth of bay
he sees a girl
with eyes like ocean
Reaching his emotions
nearly drowns
in shallow water
words fumble
slow starter
Finally gather thoughts
Tell her a lie,
Tell her a joke
Make her smile
Make her hope
Get her hooked
start of the day
Let her carry him
All the way!

20140122-043946 am.jpg

53 thoughts on “Emotional baggage”

    1. Well he was carried till she had the strength then it is unknown what actually happened, did he wake up from his slumber and peddle back her to safety of the shore or they went away for to an unknown destination, only the seagulls know!


      1. It is a pleasure to have you around 🙂 thank for the visit and pretty much liking everything on my front page and beyond 🙂


      2. The pleasure is mine. It is not every day that I can come across such evocative verses, with fascinating perspectives. Thank YOU, and to OM. It is through his page that I found yours 😉


      3. Thanks to both of you and I am really humbled by your comments and admiration for my fairly ordinary words and deeds, I hope to see you around, I did enjoy your sensual poem on your page as well! emotions to the brim! Beautiful!


      4. Ahhh…those erotica…Well, between you and me – they are all mere fiction designed to solicit deeper thoughts or conversations about love, desire, and the relationship between men and women with my audience. Hopefully, it works. Haha
        Thank you so much for your reciprocal visit and comments as well. You have a new fan and follower in me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahhh The beginning phase… or the wuss phase. I told ex-gf before that I don’t cry at all…. which is a total lie. I always cry over a tearjerking movie. 😀


  2. Hey I really liked your poem, and you don’t have to publish this comment, just that the fourth line has a grammatical error (unless it is deliberate) – minds just wanders

    It should either be “Minds just wander” or “Mind just wanders”

    Again – Great Poem 🙂


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