Unending wait at Piccadilly circus

Pulse moving
aimlessly, desire free
Nothing changes
view ranges
far to infinity
devil to divinity
Insinuating lust, love
depends who is
watching, wonder
rain and thunder
thoughts asunder
colossal blunder
Youth plunder
away sense,
nonsense of being
nuisance it seems
of life so far
mere mortal
to a star
reaching highs
suddenly, lies
of day dreams shattered
Touch of loved one mattered
the most, mere thought
of distance takes away breath
filling it with poison air
heart has never been fair
who cares, I don’t, while
I wait in this aimlessly
selfish, devilish crowd
eyes shamelessly
searching, knowing
you will never be backIMG_2124-3.JPG

30 thoughts on “Unending wait at Piccadilly circus”

  1. Hello and what a beautiful poem. I don’t know but it could be just me but what does this has to do with verbal confirmation?


      1. Indeed, perhaps I should pretend that it belongs to someone else name to hide from the very ordinary nature of it 🙂


      2. I process them from simple images and different softwares and various effects (each time something different) to end up what you currently see on the screen 🙂 thank you so much for your interest 🙂

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  2. Poignant; searching for something one knows cannot happen.
    The figures are fascinating. Some completely detached, some in company but hardly interacting; only two groups communicating that I can see.


    1. Many thanks for observing, in my recent photos now most of the people are looking at phone screens rather than talking to each other, we are so far while we are together it seems!

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