Last mile

Long journey, on a winding road
Mood swings, pendulum moves
Reflects the scene been seen
Who are you with, where one has been
Drum beats, hearts pump
Jubilation and million songs
Want this journey to prolong
Sorrows of some when want to share
Eyes shed tears, melancholy you hear
Distances appear, too much, hard to bear
Tryst in mind, sparrows sing sweet
songs of longing, and impending meet
possibilities endless, fly on your feet
All such journeys end one way or another
destinations you reach, memories you gather
further and further, until reaching the last mile

20140416-022538 pm.jpg

12 thoughts on “Last mile”

  1. Hi AB. I love road trips. The anticipation is exciting! I love your poem and this photo the sky is such a striking blue! Hope you are doing well I hopped on pink this morning to grab some art and saw all my favs on this reader and had to stop and say Hi, Howdy so HI! 🙂 Have a blessed weekend! 😀 MM

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    1. Hi MM, I hope all is well with you. I am very well, just have been very busy so no new postings for your for few days 🙂 it is good that you are able to tolerate a repeat, I normally do it in a 8 month cycle 🙂 Have a great day!


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