Above the clouds
In the white gleam
Inspiration from
a beautiful dame
Smile so pure
Welcoming to
the core
Eyes telling
of hope and
Joy endured
With her hidden
blushing smile
Makes flowers
Blossom in
a while
Thank you
For being there
and for all
and care

20140104-062624 pm.jpg

20140104-062631 pm.jpg

44 thoughts on “Host”

  1. You have a talent for touching, moving, expressing, impacting so beautifully with your words – you are a storyteller of ancient worlds as well as the new world that is emerging….


    1. My dear friend, I am now drowning in your praise 🙂 thank you for being so kind and generous, I am walking on water with your words of encouragement!


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  3. What a sweet tribute to some kind helpers!You’ve captured them so well! And you weave words in such an amazing way!
    I appreciate these helpers, too. They always make the travel feel more comfortable and safe.
    HUGS! 🙂


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