Comfort, caring, warm
serene, full of life
just inside, deep within
soul burns with desire to leave
have pains of longing
dark clouds drench
bodies shivering
Chilling gusts
piercing through bones
feverish red eyes
destitute attire
passion, desire
all lost, such insanity
keeps alive, art

20140415-044227 pm.jpg

31 thoughts on “Dwellings”

  1. Do’s and don’ts
    house that haunts
    now I leave
    still hard to believe
    Wonderful my friend! The photographs add value. I smell Photoshop in many.

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  2. I love the contrast of comfort and warmth with the soul’s burning desire to leave. We all have a bit of that wanderlust, don’t we….longing to start over….walk a new path…discover the depths of who we are without our comfortable homes and lives………..


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