Prayer of a young soul

Money grows on trees
No one sleeps on streets
Rich redistributes
Helping communities

Consciences are clear
Sapiens have a say
Government hears

No obscene wages
Humans have dignity
No fight in cages

Hard work is paid
Life is fair
Hope lives in masses
No despair

When nature strikes hard
Lives are lost
Humanity responds
Thick and fast

Armies disbanded
Wars not around
Nature cured
Food abound

Can we live
Without screams
of poor’s pains
I pray, I dream

AB 11 December, 2013
Photography: AB December, 2013

20131211-091445 am.jpg

65 thoughts on “Prayer of a young soul”

    1. It is not difficult at all, it just require humanity to think like one species and one race, currently we divided globally in 180 countries, quite a few at war and internal conflicts, money is more important than individual life.
      Thank you for your visit, wonderful comment and visiting my humble blog πŸ™‚


    1. All is good charley, my reading list is really getting clogged now hence the absence, thank you for coming over. I hope you are well.


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