The night will pass,
appreciating each other’s
niceties, without telling
what our hearts
desire to say, relay
gratitude and affection
poetic satisfaction
deep reflection
Perhaps shallow
Mind mellows
I stop, recount
dismount passion
humble creation
and you

20140427-071237 am.jpg

30 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. A wonderful way to reflect the true feelings with flowers. As roses are the most beautiful though with spikes. So does the moments in life, beautiful but with some……………..


  2. Yes to the poem – yes, indeed ! As to the photo: were it not for the buds, I would never have realized I was looking at roses. Why, I wonder ?


    1. M-R apparently these are quite rare roses :-), I haven’t done much to the photos. When I saw them first time I was not sure either that they were, my host told me otherwise 🙂


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