True colours

Green leaves, creamy flowers
showing their perfect petals
Plucked before innocence
Denoting true wholesome love
humanity served, well deserved?
such sacrifice, tear showers

20140411-043127 am.jpg

28 thoughts on “True colours”

  1. I have decided that you are a cynic, pure and simple. Still, it does result in some really nice poems. (I wrote peoms, before: which do you prefer?) 😉


    1. If you say so than I must be 🙂 It all depends on the moods M-R, I don’t fight with my first thoughts when I look at an object, hear something or touch someone 🙂 it could be quite cynical, sad, comical, hilarious or downright nonsensical 🙂

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  2. People seldom see the innocence of flowers and the sacrifice they make when they give of their life to be plucked for the pleasure of us humans for a few days before they fade..
    You see much AB.. and are a wise soul.. 🙂

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