Dance of death
Fire ragging each pore
fly without wings
Drop and sink
End of this fair
Swinging in the air
Last twist, tango kick
Blood throwing sick
Lesions snakes lick
Thousand daggers
Hit and flick
Head on a stick
Heart on a brick
I still dance
for the beloved

20140411-045944 am.jpg

28 thoughts on “Urge”

      1. beta poetry pehle tu fb pe bhi poetry form me ati thi but for lastmany months when i post poetry it comes in prose form on fb. so i dont get the feedback as i should. samjhay tum mei kiya kehna cha rai hoon?
        ru on fb? my fb id is tanveer rauf


      2. جی بلکلُ سمجھہ Ω…ΫŒΪΊ ؒئی πŸ™‚
        Unfortunately I don’t use FB otherwise more than happy to help you.


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